Thursday, February 04, 2010

A Mighty Terrible One

Jeremiah 20:11 KJV
But the LORD is with me as a mighty terrible one: therefore my persecutors shall stumble, and they shall not prevail: they shall be greatly ashamed; for they shall not prosper: their everlasting confusion shall never be forgotten.

I may be that Jeremiah really entered into his ministry right here; or at least became mature in the ministry here. He had been struggling, even asserting that God had deceived him. The ministry had been difficult, more difficult than he could have ever imagined.

He considered quitting.

But he just couldn't. The Word of God was too compelling. The need of souls was too demanding.

It is here then that Jeremiah comes to the conclusion that marks a ministry born in the Spirit of the Lord and not of man. Though the persecutors were all around him, now he saw the Lord as a mighty terrible One going before him and using him as the Lord saw fit.

Here he began to trust the God he had been preaching for others to trust.

Here is where every preacher of God's Word must arrive.

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  1. Many Blessings,sir,indeed this is where every preacher must come to and know that He that has send us is with us to ensure our success.