Friday, August 20, 2010


Mark 9:32 KJV
But they understood not that saying, and were afraid to ask him.

The Word of God is, among other things, a remarkable study of man. We have in this chapter the contrast between the saved and the lost.

The lost come running together, vs. 25, to see the side show.
A demoniac was about to be healed. I wonder if the language doesn't suggest Jesus cast out the demon BEFORE the crowd could gather for the spectacle.

Then we have the man who believed even with unbelief.
This seems to me to be a description of every believer. The more we believe the Lord, the more we realize how little we trust Him.

Finally there are the disciples.
They are,
• Afraid to learn what they don't know
• Jealous over who is greatest
• Angry at anyone who isn't with them

True lessons in humankind!

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