Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Crime of Christianity

Luke 23:4-5 KJV
Then said Pilate to the chief priests and to the people, I find no fault in this man.
And they were the more fierce, saying, He stirreth up the people, teaching throughout all Jewry, beginning from Galilee to this place.

The accusation made against Christ (in verse 5) was that He stirred up the people in all Jewry.

The only valid accusation they could make against Jesus was and has always been that His message changes lives.

• Where ever that message is preached people become new and
• Whenever His message is preached there becomes a stir about it.

In our day those who have something against Christ have only because people they know were once one sort have become a new sort.

The crime of Christianity is that it refuses to keep people the same. And those who refuse to be changed by it find that especially offensive.

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