Monday, November 08, 2010

Direction in Decisions

Acts 27:6 KJV
And there the centurion found a ship of Alexandria sailing into Italy; and he put us therein.

The Centurion found a ship... I was thinking today of the great responsibility that lay upon this centurion and men like him. He is in charge of a number of prisoners and the soldiers who guarded them he is not only in charge of the detail, he is in charge of securing whatever passage he might to achieve the purpose of making Rome. No one has gone ahead of him and worked out the details and purchased tickets for the trip. He is on his own to make good his charge. He found this ship. There may have been many or few, we don't know.
• It might have been this ship would be his only opportunity to travel for some time.
• It might be that ships were pretty busy and not every ship would have ability to transport so large a troop.
He found this ship having no idea what would be the outcome, but being responsible for whatever it would be.

Every day the centurion would be called upon to make unforeseen choices. But he is not left to himself. His decisions are all guided by one overlying principle; he is taking his charge to Rome.

None of us knows what is ahead of us. Tomorrow will present brand new obstacles and decisions will need to be made. But we are not left to ourselves in these decisions. We too have an overriding principle; stay focused on Christ. Our destination is heaven regardless of what lay ahead of me; my choices must be choices that move me ever nearer to the Lord.

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