Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Serve Now, Live For Then

2 Samuel 19:7 KJV
Now therefore arise, go forth, and speak comfortably unto thy servants: for I swear by the LORD, if thou go not forth, there will not tarry one with thee this night: and that will be worse unto thee than all the evil that befell thee from thy youth until now.

King David is well into his Kingdom. Years have passed and there has been much success as a king. Still Joab's assessment of the king's life and reign is that it has been with "evil that befell thee from thy youth until now." From a certain point of view, Joab is correct. David's life, though blessed and used of the Lord, had seen its shares of real challenges. But Joab seems to focus on that evil. He has carried bitterness to its conclusion more than once. David, though tried, seems to always bring trials back to resting upon the Lord. What is the difference?

David's heart was not on the earth. He lived for other, heavenly things and that is why he was so slow to anger and get frustrated over those things that happened in his life here.

He served where God placed him but he lived for another world.

And that is the key to blessing in this evil world, serve now, but live for then.

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