Tuesday, January 29, 2013

No Respecter

Jeremiah 29:2 KJV
(After that Jeconiah the king, and the queen, and the eunuchs, the princes of Judah and Jerusalem, and the carpenters, and the smiths, were departed from Jerusalem;)

Nebuchadnezzar carried everyone of value back with him to Babylon.
  • He took the king and queen
  • He took the princes of Judah and Jerusalem, but
He also took
  • The eunuchs
  • The carpenters and
  • The smiths
Society tends to class people as upper and lower. Those who are "royalty," wealthy or educated are thought of as a better class of people, not only in what they possess but also in character and intrinsic value.

God, who is no respecter of persons, sees no such class distinction and places, in the very same sentence, the capture of the king and the commoner. We are, whatever class we find ourselves, of equal value in the sight of God. We ought therefore to view each individual of that same value in our own sight. 

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