Monday, February 11, 2013

Both Branches of Judah

Jeremiah 44:1 KJV
The word that came to Jeremiah concerning all the Jews which dwell in the land of Egypt, which dwell at Migdol, and at Tahpanhes, and at Noph, and in the country of Pathros, saying,

It occurred to me today that, while Jeremiah was preaching to the Jews representing Judah in Egypt others were preaching to the Jews representing Judah in Babylon. There were, at this time two branches of Judah:
·         Those in Babylon had gone there against their will, captives after they caused the destruction of their country because they obeyed not the Word of the Lord.
·         Those in Egypt were the poor of the land, not thought worthy of taking to Babylon. They had slain those Babylon had left to be in charge. They had forced Jeremiah to go with them to Egypt, once again disobeying God's Word.

Our God always has more pots in the fire than we are aware of. Those in Egypt had no idea what was happening in Babylon and those in Babylon had no idea any of their brethren had gone to Egypt. Yet God was at work in both worlds.
·         Both branches of Judah represented Judah
·         Both were responsible to hear and obey the Word of God
·         Both could have been blessed of the Lord

We do not know what God may be doing in the heart of another. These things are the Lord's own doing. My responsibility is to hear the Word of the Lord and obey Him personally. God is doing other things in other places among other people that is His alone to handle. Mine is to hear that still small voice and follow it. 

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