Saturday, February 20, 2016

Nehemiah 7:5 KJV God Put This In His Heart

Nehemiah 7:5 (KJV)
And my God put into mine heart to gather together the nobles, and the rulers, and the people, that they might be reckoned by genealogy. And I found a register of the genealogy of them which came up at the first, and found written therein,
Since the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked, it is both dangerous and foolish to be led by it. But Nehemiah was not led of his heart; he was led by God, who had placed this in his heart. Nehemiah made the same claim in Nehemiah 2:12[1]. From there we learn that Nehemiah was led by:
A connection to JerusalemBoth by blood and by relationship with the reporter of the news.
An awareness of the needAs reports had come to him with information about the condition of Jerusalem.
An interest in the situationI might call this a burden. It is more than the usual “that’s too bad” sort of thing. He cared.
An ability to make a differenceHe had the potential means to effect change.
A season of prayerHe sought the Lord about the need.
All of these are in regards to his coming to Jerusalem to repair the walls. It is not a distant leap to suggest that similar circumstances led him to say that God had put this into his heart too. If rebuilding the walls improved the physical condition of Jerusalem, preserving the record of those who had returned from exile stood to improve the spiritual condition of the city’s inhabitants.
Don’t be led by your heart. But don’t ignore the burden God places in your heart.
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Nehemiah 7:5 KJV God Put This In His Heart

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