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Philippians 1:1(KJV) The New Testament Church

Philippians 1:1 (KJV)
Paul and Timotheus, the servants of Jesus Christ, to all the saints in Christ Jesus which are at Philippi, with the bishops and deacons:
That Paul writes this letter to the local church in Philippi it is evident by the three groups he refers to:
  • Saints
  • Bishops and
  • Deacons
These are the three groups that make up a local church:
The saintsThese are the saved and baptized members of the local church. In the Bible, the term Saint is used to speak of the saved. There is no special class of Christians as the Catholic Church maintains. There are only those who are saved, called to be saints or separated to God.
The bishopsWhich is one of the titles for the pastor. Bishops, elders and pastors (or shepherds) are the three Biblical titles for the pastor. The titles denote the responsibilities of the pastor to lead, feed and be an example to the flock. A church can only have one head. The plurality of bishops does not speak of shared authority as much as shared duties. The pastor may appoint others to pastor under him:
  • To lighten the burden 
  • To train up future pastors and 
  • To provide for the church’s care in case of his demise or removal for other causes
The deaconsThese have the role of “waiting tables” or serving the church in more material or physical ways. They are to be spiritual people, wise and with a good reputation among the saints.
Paul will later refer to this church at Philippi but we know that it is a church simply by its components.
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Philippians 1:1(KJV) The New Testament Church

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