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Psalms 101:8 (KJV) I Rule Here

Psalms 101:8 (KJV)
I will early destroy all the wicked of the land; that I may cut off all wicked doers from the city of the LORD.
This is specifically called “A Psalm of David” and therefore has some personal application that is specific to him. Only of David (and his seed who followed him on the throne) could it have been right to destroy all the wicked of the land and cut them off from the city of the Lord. Notice these keys to the passage:
EarlyHe woke daily to do this work. He did not delay. He did not procrastinate.
WickedHe identified the wrong he would deal with. He did not excuse it or make it more palatable through softer language.
City of the LordThis was not everywhere. He stayed within his realm; the land as a whole and the city more specifically.
The challenge would be in applying this passage to future generations. Is there a lesson for me personally? I think so.
There are certain areas over which I have leadership. It is not the government. It is not over others. I have some general leadership (as a pastor and as a member of a local church) over the church to which I belong. This is my “land” if you will. I want to belong to a church that, generally speaking, is free from the wicked. I will do this by preaching faithfully and by exhorting others to love and good works.
I have specific leadership over my person. It is me that I will call “the city of the Lord” because it is here I am most able to root out wickedness every morning. Granted, it will be a never ending job so long as I am alive on this earth, but it is a job I can take on.
To make some application for Christian dominance in the world today is a gross misunderstanding of the New Testament’s relationship to the Old. Christ reigns over His plan for the ages. My responsibility is the rule of self through obedience to the Holy Spirit.
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Psalms 101:8 (KJV) I Rule Here

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