Friday, July 08, 2016

Psalms 99:4 (KJV) Where God’s Strength Is

Psalms 99:4 (KJV)
The king’s strength also loveth judgment; thou dost establish equity, thou executest judgment and righteousness in Jacob.
I see no good reason to attempt to explain away the plain sense of this passage. The Bible says the King’s (in this case an obvious reference to God) “strength” has the capacity to judge.
At first glance we might say God’s strength is DavidIn some sense those who serve God become God’s strength. God could do anything He chooses just by speaking it so if He wanted. He doesn’t want to do that. In many respects God has limited Himself in that He won’t do what He could do because He chooses instead to use believers. God’s strength in this case is found in those believers who answer His call to service.
On a deeper level we may point to Jesus Christ as God’s strengthThere is no denying that Christ is typified in David. In his sermon on the day of Pentecost, Peter made reference to David and clearly pointed the passage back to Jesus Christ. There is also no denying that Jesus Christ is frequently prophesied of in the Psalms. The work of Christ fulfilled the righteous demands of God, paid the price of sin, and manifested the true Person of God to mankind. Jesus is not God alone but He is God’s strong right arm.
And God’s strength loves judgment, equity, and righteousness.

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Psalms 99:4 (KJV) Where God’s Strength Is

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