Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Proverbs 13:6 (KJV) Righteousness Keeps Him

Proverbs 13:6 (KJV)
Righteousness keepeth him that is upright in the way: but wickedness overthroweth the sinner.
There are four characters in this verse:
  • Righteousness 
  • Him the is upright in the way
  • Wickedness 
  • The sinner
The character “righteousness” keeps the character known as “him the is upright in the way.” 
The character “wickedness” overthrows the character known as “the sinner.”
The most earthly reading of the passage would lead us to conclude that when we act in a upright way our righteousness keeps us and that when we act sinfully our own wickedness overthrows us. But the Bible is a supernatural book and there is a supernatural element to the passage.
Every Christian knows that our righteousness is not our own but that we have been made the righteousness of God in Him. We also know that the lost man is taken captive by the devil at his will. In other words, righteousness is Christ and wickedness is the devil.
As the Christian behaves in an upright way, his righteousness, which is Christ, keeps and protects him. When the lost person behaves in a sinful manner his wickedness; which is of the devil, overthrows him.
It is not our own righteousness that keeps us. It is the righteousness of Christ. Our security is not in our behavior but in our Saviour. A Christian may backslide and be chastened because of it, but he can never be overthrown because Christ, which is his righteousness, keeps him.
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Proverbs 13:6 (KJV) Righteousness Keeps Him

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