Wednesday, July 12, 2017

John 6:62 (KJV) Life Altering Truth

John 6:62 (KJV)
What and if ye shall see the Son of man ascend up where he was before? 
Jesus affirmed that He not only would go to heaven but that He had already been there. His Pre-existence is intricate to His deity. He is not created. There was no time that He did not exist. There was only a time that He did not dwell among men.
This is that thing that most offended His hearers. There would be little reason to be upset that someone went to heaven. But Jesus came from heaven and, in His good time, ascended back from whence He came.
  • This is the earth shattering, life altering truth. 
  • This is that thing that changes eternity 
  • This is that for which we must give account 
Jesus came from heaven to earth, died in the stead of sinners and returned to where He was before. He is God.
Do you believe this?
Do you trust Him alone for eternal salvation?

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John 6:62 (KJV) Life Altering Truth

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