Sunday, September 11, 2016

When the Towers Fell

When the Towers Fell
September 11, 2001

Three thousand miles lay between
My own home and that awful scene
I did not hear one crash or two
I did not see the smoke and hue
I did not know those souls so dear
Whose lives were lost on that morning clear
But when those planes hit the World Trade Towers
I sensed the attack on this land of ours
And all America, at least the most
Joined together as a solemn host
We felt the sorrow pain and loss
And most of us looked to the Cross
We knew our country needed healing
From the hurt which she was feeling
We stood to defend our precious land
And knelt to place it in God’s hand
But fifteen years has turned some pages
I am sorry to say there have been great changes
Let’s turn back with dedication
And again unite as a nation
Let’s honor our founders, history and Old Glory
And once more rejoice in our story
Let’s once again trust in God
And seek His blessing for this, our sod.

Marvin McKenzie