Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mimicking Ministry

Exodus 30:37-38 KJV
And as for the perfume which thou shalt make, ye shall not make to yourselves according to the composition thereof: it shall be unto thee holy for the LORD.
Whosoever shall make like unto that, to smell thereto, shall even be cut off from his people.

The directions for making the anointing oil were not mystical and complicated. Anyone could do it. Everyone was supposed to know the Word and would be educated in the details of the oil repeatedly. But because they could make did not mean they should make it. Those who made it for personal benefit were to be cut off. No fellowship with them was to be had.

I am reminded that much of what is New Testament Christianity can be copied and used for purposes or activities  other than that which God has authorized.
·       Church services can be mimicked
·       Preaching can be imitated
·       Ministry can be established
Without the authorization of the Lord or the empowering of the Holy Spirit.

·   Some have created their own churches and even church denominations for personal benefit
·       Some have(successfully) engaged in preaching who clearly violate Biblical qualifications
·       Some have entered into ministerial rolls for the sake of personal gain and satisfaction.

Once in a while you will hear a person argue to the effect of, "If God is going to so obviously bless them in their work, who am I to oppose them?" Such arguments are, though sounding spiritual, shallow and lack Biblical sense. A doctrine, a practice, a ministry however much it might look and smell like it has the blessing of God, ought to be withstood if it lacks Biblical authority and misses the mark of Godly qualification.   

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