Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Forgiven, Saved and Restored

Leviticus 22:4 KJV
What man soever of the seed of Aaron is a leper, or hath a running issue; he shall not eat of the holy things, until he be clean. And whoso toucheth any thing that is unclean by the dead, or a man whose seed goeth from him;

Leprosy was such a terrible disease. It still is except there are now medications to control it. In Biblical days however leprosy was a death sentence.
·       Slow
·       Painful
·       Lonely
·       death.
There were no cures and it was infectious so the only answer for the leper was to quarantine them.

That's why this verse is such a blessing. God's Word makes provision for the leper who becomes clean.
·       Not all of them ended in death
·       Not all of them had to be confined for life
Some of them, maybe not many, but some of them would be
·       healed
·       cleansed and
·       restored to their loved ones.

What a picture of the grace of God.

Sin, like leprosy, is so contagious that everyone since Adam and Eve have been infected. Sin is a death sentence and sin isolates us so that we can never be with those in heaven. But not all sinners die and go to hell. Not all sinners live outside of fellowship with God. Some, maybe not many compared to the world's population but some are
·       forgiven
·       saved and

·       restored to eternal fellowship with God.

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