Friday, August 12, 2016

Mark 13:37 (KJV) Relevant to All Generations

Mark 13:37 (KJV)
And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch. 
I understand that there Bible must be understood first as it was understood by the original audience. It is one of the first things a student of the Bible is taught to do; ask the questions:
  • Who is the writer?
  • What are the circumstances under which he writes?
  • Who is the audience?
  • How would they have understood this passage? 
It is an honest mistake when a student gets the questions wrong.Most of the differences between Christians I think happens because we come up with different answers to these important questions. God has seen fit to leave the answers outside of the preserved Word of God.
It is in innocence and naivety that the less mature Christian reads the Bible without knowing to ask these questionsWe certainly do not have to wait until we become more mature to read and study the Bible. I would suggest that most people, though babes in Christ, have learned through other medium to at least subconsciously ask these questions.
It is not so honest when a person refuses to acknowledge the questions.A real problem exists whenever a person, through lack of rudimentary education and social development, refuses to accept that such rules as asking these fundamental questions is essential to proper understanding.
Differences happen whenever honest students of the Bible come to varying conclusions in their studies. Those differences can be of such a nature that, I believe, division is called for. This sort of division is not equal to enmity. Heresies happen whenever no answers to these questions and no reconciliation with those answers and the current application is attempted. The differences resulting from this most certainly call for separation and generally also justify an aggressive approach to resist this false teaching.
Having said all of that, it is equally wrong to see the Bible as being written to only one audience at one point in history and having no application for the current reader. Rightly dividing the Word of truth is the discipline of drawing out that application that is accurate with the text and relevant to all generations.
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Mark 13:37 (KJV) Relevant to All Generations

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