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Revelation 14:6-10 (KJV) Angelic News

Revelation 14:6-10 (KJV)
And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:
The word angel means messenger and these three angels deliver a message appropriate for any age:
There is some good newsThe Gospel is good news. It is everlasting, meaning that its effect is everlasting and its relevance is too. There is no age when it becomes of no value.
There is some bad newsBabylon is fallen. At least it is bad for Babylon. For the believer it is victorious news. God has won.
There is some cautionary newsThe warning comes, not to compromise faith with devilishness. The victory belongs to the believer but the battle isn’t over.
The three angels deliver their messages during the Tribulation but they are no less meaningful today.
  • Accept the good news and be saved
  • Rejoice in the victory that belongs to the Christian and
  • Refuse to compromise your faith with the ideas of this world

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Revelation 14:6-10 (KJV) Angelic News

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